Quality and environment

Quality of raw ingredients


Tecnessenze meticulously selects only the finest raw materials, with great care to use GMO-free and gluten-free ingredients to ensure products that are natural and respect consumer expectations.


Research & Development with respect for the environment


Tecnessenze is committed to constant improvement. Besides relying on advanced technology and highly qualified personnel, the Company is very aware of the environmental impact of its production processes: it makes careful use of natural resources, is sensitive to saving energy, and treats waste and emissions ecologically.



We hold the highest quality standard systems in the food and feed industries: FSSC 22000, Halal Global, Kosher Parve e FAMIqs.


Company and food safety policy


Tecnessenze food safety policy is committed to providing safe food and animal feed flavorings to ensure safety and regulatory compliance of our products.


In order to fulfil our responsibility and continually improve our programs and process we focus on:


our employees:
upgrading their existing skills and developing new professional competencies
complying with ethical principles, current national labour regulations and condemning intolerable practice of child labour
paying close attention to their needs and suggestions
involving them in internal business choices and processes
creating a positive work environment, safe manufacturing facility and taking care of the environmental impacts related to it


our customers:
identifying targeted customers
taking utmost care and paying due attention to their needs
fulfilling their requests efficiently and effectively
establishing effective and efficient traceability systems


our suppliers:
involving them in new product/process development
testing new products
reaffirming our loyalty for granted
monitoring their accuracy and performance
drawing their attention on product compliance applicable laws and regulations


Based on the above, we therefore are oriented to embrace an approach based on the following priorities:


• highest quality raw materials and use of no-GMO’s products
• quality at the hearth of our products
• products are designed in line with socially sensitive issues, ethical principles and religious beliefs
• proactive Customer Service
• flexible deliveries
• enhance employee retention and job satisfaction
• technological upgrading complying with laws and regulations
• organize workflow to prevent product contamination
• continued development of new products and innovations
• products designed to meet the legal requirements of health, hygiene and safety principles, in compliance with production specifications and countering fraud and adulteration
• fulfillment of the food safety requirements defined by the FSSC 22000 standard and by the FAMI QS latest editions standard
• respect for environment and sustainable development, environmental pollution control and prevention, application of environmental risk assessment associated with the running of our facility


Process improvement objectives are properly tracked by the company’s management consistent with the guidelines of corporate development.