Appetite Stimulants


Ours is a vast range of constantly evolving products attentive to the requirements of the animal husbandry sector.


These are available in a wide aromatic range and can include sweeteners to enhance their functions.


Stimulating the appetite and voluntary fodder uptake they foster salivation and gastric and pancreatic secretions, thereby improving digestion.


The Herbal® Mix range


Herbal® Mix is a range of products designed for sustainable animal husbandry.


Herbal® Mix PL èis based on essential oils and their active ingredients, selected for their scientifically proven anti-microbial function. In FIELD TESTS and UNIVERSITY EXPERIMENTS animals treated with Herbal® Mix PL performed better in animal husbandry terms than the control group*.


Herbal® Mix is available in liquid and powder form and designed for the use of premix and self-production of fodder.


When to use Herbal® Mix




Gilts: sows destined for reproduction must reach sexual maturity at an appropriate weight if good adult performance is to be assured.

During gestation: nutrient absorption must be good to foster the birth of HEAVY AND HOMOGENOUS PIGLETS whose survival rate is good.

During lactation: good colostrum and milk production is needed if good immunity levels are to be acquired and precocious piglet development ensured. Sow weight loss must be limited if further pregnancy performance is not to be put at risk.





• In the suckling phase: precocious ingestion of solid fodder anticipates piglet weaning.

• In weaned piglets: at times of great stress such as the group formation phase and the various fodder change phases, vaccinations.



* data available on request.