Aromas and Appetite Stimulants


Pets are increasingly sedentary because they are confined to small apartments with limited opportunities to take exercise bound up with owners’ time and willingness.


In this context it is crucially important that their diet is suitable: well-balanced but generally low in fats and proteins.


In recent years, for ethical or commercial reasons, pet food formulations contain higher proportions of plant-based ingredients which are less appetising and further away from those such animals would naturally prefer.


To improve on these pet foods these can be supplemented by aromatic elements which redirect their flavours and aromas towards those characteristic of these animals.


Appetite stimulants have thus been formulated which stimulate pets’ appetites but also improve their digestive functioning and thus respond effectively to these needs.


In a wide range of aromas, and available in both liquid and powder form, these can also be added to dried foods in pellet and croquette form or to moist foods.


These flavour enhancers can also be used in the parallel world which accompanies basic pet foods:








pet-care products




All these require suitable aroma enhancers if they are to be really enjoyable and rewarding for pets.