The Herbal® Mix range


Herbal® Mix is a range of products designed for sustainable animal husbandry.


Herbal® Mix PL is based on essential oils and their active ingredients, selected for their scientifically proven anti-microbial function. In FIELD TESTS and UNIVERSITY EXPERIMENTS animals treated with Herbal® Mix PL performed better in animal husbandry terms than the control group*.


Herbal® Mix is available in liquid and powder form and designed for the use of premix and self-production of fodder.


When to use Herbal® Mix




In the first three weeks of life: this period is determinant in long term performance.





Chicken weight and shape are crucial to future production. This means that animals’ growth must be supported throughout:


In the first five weeks: their digestive and immune systems develop.

From the 5th to the 10th weeks: their musculoskeletal system's development is consolidated.

From the 10th to the 20th weeks: their ovaries mature and their reproduction systems develop fully.





In laying hen coops, qualitative egg parameters such as shell size, egg calibre, yolk colour and white consistency have to coexist with increasingly ambitious production parameters.


Responding to these great challenges requires animals to absorb nutrients efficiently:


In the two weeks prior to and following on from peak production levels.

At times of environmental stress such as heat, overcrowding or dirty coops.

When feed changes.

After medicinal treatments.

In the event of dirty eggs.



* data available on request.