The company Tecnessenze


Since 1984 Tecnessenze has been producing a wide range of flavourings for the food industry, for savoury and confectionery products, and for animal feeds.




Tecnaroma ZTA is the range of flavours and palatability enhancers particularly appreciated by ruminants and farmers:



















Our powerful sweetener Tecnosweet can be added to any flavour on request

Any flavour can be customized according to customer needs and preferences





Tecnaroma Herbal® Mix is the range of phytobiotics based on essential oils and plant extracts with antioxidant, antimicrobial and immunomodulatory properties.

Herbal® Mix is an effective natural alternative to antibiotics.



Tecnaroma Herbal® Mix PL is a blend of plant extracts and essential oils such as thymol and carvacrol developed to:

• modulate gut flora

• enhance immunity and performances


Used in diary cows diet Herbal® Mix PL increases milk quality and production.



Tecnaroma Herbal® Mix BREATH is a special mix of menthol and eucalyptol that acts an expectorant and contributes to:

• reduce heat stress

• mitigate respiratory symptoms

• reduce bronchitis problems



Herbal® Mix is available in powder (heat stable) and liquid (water soluble) form.


All products have been tested in vitro and in vivo and approved for their quality and performances by farmers and institutions.


Trials results are available on request





Its success is based on the ingredients that have always been core to its business:


Quality of raw ingredients

Customised service

Research and development with respect for the environment


These are Tecnessenze strengths to ensure that its products can answer to each and every need of its customers and undergo constant quality testing at every stage of production and distribution.

Personal service

Tecnessenze can fully respond to each client’s specific needs, developing customized and innovative formulas.



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