The food industry

The flavourings developed by Tecnessenze have been devised to respond to the constant evolution in market tastes, offering exclusive formulas capable of endowing foods with a guaranteed and recognisable flavour, to make the food products unique.


Tecnaroma CTE è impiegato soprattutto nelle produzioni di insaccati e di prodotti gastronomiciTecnaroma CTE

Tecnaroma CTE features a mix of particularly successful flavourings. Used primarily during the production of savoury foods and cured sausage and salami, these products are achieved through the most advanced techniques, enabling the complete extraction of the plant or herb essence, with careful control regarding the organoleptic properties of the ingredients, dosage and composition, all strictly respecting traditional Italian taste. 


Tecnaroma SWE comprende una vasta gamma di aromi per l’industria dolciariaTecnaroma SWE

Tecnaroma SWE is the result of experience and constant research at the company’s laboratories and offers the confectionery industry a wide selection of flavourings with enticing aromas. These have been created specifically for cakes, biscuits, creams, puddings, ice-creams and baked products.


La gamma Tecnaroma STE include gli aromi derivati da spezie ed erbe singole

Tecnaroma STE

Tecnaroma STE includes flavourings from single herbs and spices. Entirely free of any type of mould or harmful microorganisms, they feature an aromatic intensity between three and ten times stronger than the original spice. These flavours are easy to use as they are directly mixed in set quantities and combined with salt and other ingredients.


Tecnessenze R&D has always focused its activity on studying and employing the nutritional properties and benefits of new ingredients for the food industry. In recent years, Tecnessenze has developed, tested and confirmed new products that ensure the utmost quality and safety of the ingredients, from their harvest to their application in the end product.


Boost è il nuovo insaporitore totalmente naturale che intensifica il gusto ed esalta la sapidità Boost 

  • No additives
  • No added glutamate
  • OGM free
  • Allergens free
  • Natural flavourings that intensify taste and enhance the savour of a broad range of products


Boost è l'aroma per l’industria alimentare di surgelati, zuppe liofilizzate e in scatola, condimenti per insalate e prodotti a base di carne.

 Savor + 

The natural ‘fifth flavour’. Flavourings for frozen foods, freeze-dried and canned soups, salad dressings and sauces for meat products. Available in the three natural flavours for sauces, vegetables and meat, in addition to the traditional Savory taste.


Striking the right balance among the natural elements in a flavouring is a challenge that Tecnessenze constantly and successfully rises to, an accomplishment founded on three simple yet essential factors: nature, taste and well-being.


DryEssenze products bring even and constant flavour distributionDryESSENZE

Authentic Italian taste. Tecnessenze uses spray-dry technology to develop and produce flavourings that optimise the taste experience. These also extend immediate impact with a long-lasting impression. Thus DryEssenze products bring even and constant flavour distribution, with excellent stability, to draw out the best in Made in Italy cuisine.

Tecnessenze is able to supply reliable flavour profiles for a broad range of application fields, while also including good barrier properties to protect the flavouring from discolouration, oxidisation, dampness or heat, depending on the specific usage context.

Tecnessenze is proud to offer food companies on all five continents a range of typical Made in Italy flavourings that may be used to enhance products such as:

  • Tomatoes, various vegetables, mushrooms and truffles
  • Spices and aromatic herbs
  • Various cheeses, including mature and soft types as well as dry and powdered forms
  • Powdered ingredients, particularly for biscuits, crisps and snack foods
  • Filled pasta
  • Sauces, soups and seasonings
  • Salamis, sausages and cold meats
  • Frozen or oven-bake products
  • Flavour enhancers and food substitutes for various uses
  • Confectionary products, for use in cakes, biscuits and sweets, as well as in yeast and baked products and those in the dairy sector
  • Fish and shellfish



Tecnessenze' Sapori Italiani: the past and future of our flavourings

We present to our customers, both in Italy and abroad, the Sapori Italiani flavourings range: a selection of well-known and innovative products – natural and spray-dry – the quintessence of Made in Italy tastes (CLICK this image)




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Thanks to a team of expert flavourists and application technicians, Tecnessenze is fully dedicated to the study and to the creation of a extensive line of extracts, 100% natural, for the sweet and savoury sector.

Tecnextract are derived from natural ingredients, carefully selected and thoroughly tested, to ensure its customers a unique, natural flavour.


Tecnextract are used for savoury and sweet products:

  • Food specialties, meats, sausages, sauces and seasonings
  • Crackers, snacks, confectionery and cereals
  • Dairy products, ice creams, sweets, candy and chewing gum

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