The animal feed industry

Tecnessenze offers the animal feedstuff industry a range of flavours enhancers, developed on the basis of each species’ preferences, in order to guarantee an appetising feed taste, encouraging the animal intake and well-being.


Tecnaroma ZTA

Tecnaroma ZTA aumenta il consumo spontaneo di mangime e ne incrementa l’assorbimento Tecnaroma ZTA is the range of flavours and palatability enhancers particularly appreciated by animals. Easy to use in any type of feed, they can increase spontaneous consumption of feed and its absorption, offering the nutritionist great flexibility.



Tecnaroma Herbal® Mix

Tecnaroma ZTA aumenta il consumo spontaneo di mangime e ne incrementa l’assorbimento Tecnaroma Herbal® Mix is the range of flavourings based on essential oils and plant extracts with antioxidant, antimicrobial and immunomodulatory properties. Emerging from partnerships with Italian and international universities and veterinary colleges, these products not only stimulate the appetite but also enable an increase in the animal's nutritional intake and growth while safeguarding good health.


Tecnosweet, aromi dolcificanti per l'industria zootecnica


Tecnosweet is a new range of products for the animal feed industry, which combines traditional sweeteners made with saccharine and neohesperidin (NHDC) with new blends of highly effective, natural sweeteners and sensory additives.

Tecnosweet A1, made with saccharine and neohesperidin (NHDC)

Tecnosweet A2, made with neohesperidin (NHDC)

Tecnosweet N

This is a range of blends of highly effective, natural sweeteners and sensory additives. The advantages of these products include:

  • no restrictions on the dose to administer or the species of animal;
  • a longer-lasting sweet taste;
  • no metallic after-taste typical of artificial sweeteners;
  • increased sweetening power and palatability;
  • increased stimulus to consume food, even after weaning.


Herbal® Mix PL

Herbal® Mix Pl è la gamma di aromi a base di olii essenziali ed estratti di piante dalle proprietà antiossidanti, antimicrobiche ed immunomodulanti

Herbal® Mix PL is a blend of natural extracts of aromatic herbs and spices that can contribute to a profitable poultry production: it was tested in a 42-day trial under experimental conditions at the Avian Science Research Centre of SRUC, Scotland’s Rural College: all diets containing Herbal® Mix PL achieved better performance than the control.

Herbal® Mix PL had their FCR significantly reduced with a substantial decrease in the cost of growth and a boost in producer’s profitability.

The FCR of Herbal® Mix PL-
fed birds was 6,3% lower than the
 control, improving productivity.
 Herbal® Mix PL added
to the diet of growing broiler
 chickens improves growth and
 feed efficiency, increasing the 
economic return of the producer.

Effects of natural blend of essential oil on growth performance, blood biochemistry, cecal morphology, and carcass quality of broiler chickens.

F. Khattak; A. Ronchi; P. Castelli; N. Sparks

Poultry Science 2014 93: 132-137 10.3382/ps.2013-03387

Herbal® Mix PL: your best partner, naturally.